ALOG now has 17 warehouse and distribution centers in America (Los Angeles, North Carolina and New York), Japan, Korea, Australia, Netherlands and Russia, etc. and intends to build a comprehensive cross-border logistics service network for global distribution, intra-state distribution and intra-city distribution based on intelligent overseas warehouse and distribution services. Meanwhile, it greatly reduces transportation risk and cost in order to realize faster and more efficient customs clearance through the provision of domestic import transfer warehouse service, and provides customers with perfect one-stop cross-border export logistics solutions through the provision of domestic export transfer warehouse service, multi-channel marketing planning and other value-added services. 

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Cross-border Export Process

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Global layout

Since it made a global layout, ALOG has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in 17 countries and regions such as America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan and provides merchants with cross-border logistics service, overseas direct purchase and other integrated services.



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