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Finance is aimed at discovering values, during which capital and entity economy is fully combined. As to disadvantages of traditional combination mode, banks serve large enterprises only because of risk control requirements, which greatly restricts the operation efficiency of most supply chain systems by middle and small-sized enterprises and hinders from the development of entity economy. Under the background of de-stocking and supply side structure optimization reform, use and efficiency of capital is a problem worth discussing and supply chain finance is a good answer. The whole industry chain will not face individual enterprises, but depend on core enterprises to converts some credit risks of traditional financial services into operational risks through the design of a good product mechanism in order to control risks of middle and small-sized enterprises. Consequently, ALOG supply chain finance emerges. 


Order Financing Mode

You will not be subject to upstream enterprises and need not to worry about falling behind market expansion.
Order financing creates big orders with little capital and relieves the pressure on production and purchase.

  • Interest (daily interest)  ≥0.03%
  • Amount ≥50000
  • Duration 30-180days

Inventory Model 

Inventory means cash; inventory financing realizes inventory turnover and distribution of goods and enables you to spend money as needed. 

  • Interest (daily interest) ≥0.03%
  • Amount ≥50000
  • Duration  30-180days

Xinyibao Financing Mode

Featuring bank loan, low interest rate, high efficiency and low threshold, Xinyibao removes your worry about the payment days,
accelerates cash withdrawal and concentrates your attention on production and operation.

  • Interest (Daily Interest) ≥10%
  • Amount ≥0
  • Duration 30/60/180days

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