Unmanned Warehouse

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Unmanned warehouse software developed by ALOG is a highly automatic and informationalized logistics system. Warehouse entrying, stocking, sorting, replenishing, packaging, inspecting and ex-warehouse undergoing can almost be done unmanned and only few key links need some operators to realize efficient man-machine cooperation.

Unmanned strategy is aimed at the development and application of automated tools based on artificial intelligence and the enhancement of operation efficiency and service experience.


Artificial Intelligence

AIT (artificial intelligence technology) is the core of the unmanned warehouse and it runs through the whole logistics process of the unmanned warehouse. An advanced algorithm is needed for the allocation of commodities, the distribution of the sorting areas, the dispatching and location of the robot. Based on mass data, AIT of ALOG judges the layout of sorting area and storage area as well as commodities to be allocated and the quantities through algorithm analysis. Also, AIT develops the optimal path for the transfer robot and directs efficient operation of the robot through dispatching and positioning algorithm. Besides, it would be a highlight of ALOG AIT to avoid congestion and collision by optimized algorithm when hundreds and thousands of AGV intelligent transfer robots work simultaneously.  



Different robots are adopted for the different operation steps of the unmanned warehouse of ALOG. Receiving and delivery of goods: extensible belt conveyor, automatic dismounting and stacking robot, automatic information collection and automatic labeling. Storage: full-automatic 3D warehouse, straight light shuttle bus and AGV forklift. Replenishment: AGV forklift, AGV tray transfer robot, RF handheld terminal, etc. Sorting: AGV shelf transfer robot, AGV box-type transfer robot and electronic tag sorting system.

        Under the mode of “goods-to-man” and “order-to-man”, using the transfer robot system based on large-scale trunked dispatching algorithm to rebuild the sorting logic to create benefits for customers. 


Automatic Warehouse Solution

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