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ALOG Won the First Order of the Double eleven E-shopping Festival, Spared no Effort to Protect Business Owners

pubdate:2017-11-12 14:24:00

It’s reported that the first TMALL order ofthe Double eleven E-shopping Festival placed seconds after 0:00 o’clock was generated in ALOG Jiading Operating Center, automatically picked, packaged and shipped within 4 minutes. 

Almost simultaneously, the first import order of Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Bonded Area was won by ALOG Hangzhou Cross-border Warehouse. Zhejiang TV gave a live report on the order: the consumer placed an order for a SOS Cool dispelscar creamin Yunji Weidian. After payment was made, the system immediately pushed for quick customs clearances. The package was shipped and unloaded within 7 minutes, which can only be done within at least half an hour or an hour in the traditional logistics system. It was packed within 1 minute, shipped after customs inspection within 15 minutes and delivered within 30 minutes. Ms Fan from Hangzhou received her package in less than one hour.  

(The First Order Printed out for Shipment)

With an area over 100,000 square meters, ALOG Hangzhou Cross-border Warehouse can stock up to 20 million commodities. The most leading automatic streamline equipment built by ALOG can process over 1 million orders and 10,000 SKU every day maximally. By far, over 200 business owners have joined Hangzhou Cross-border Warehouse.

(Cross-border E-commerce Packages of Yunji Weidian)

The synergy between the Cross-border Warehouse system and Customs and commodity inspection departments makes rapid customs clearance possible based on frontend information of the order after it’s generated. Meanwhile, the logistics orders can be instantly generated from shopping orders and uploaded to the warehouses. The proprietary OMS, WMS and TMS of ALOG can provide business owners with intelligent and efficient supply chain management services in respect of order, warehousing and transportation management. 

ALOG’s automatic sorters have made rapid sorting of packages possible. The maximum line speed of the main lines reaches 1.8 meters per second and the maximum mechanical efficiency of sorting 7300 boxes/hour. The 13 processes can save 70% of the manpower costs.

(ALOG’s automatic sorters)

As the cross-border operator of TMALL.HK, ALOG started to roll out its globalization strategy in 2014. Establishing overseas operating centers in 17 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, ALOG now manages a warehousing area over 1,800,000 square meters and processes 25 million orders daily at its peak.

Providing integrated services like import and export customs declaration, warehousing and logistics (including overseas warehouses, transshipment warehouses and bonded warehouses) for TMALL.HK, Hitao, Yunji, VIP, Feiniu, Yunhou and other global business owners, ALOG helps with their domestic and international business operation.Now available in North America, Europe and Australia, ALOG’s warehousing and distribution service is unrestricted by weight or volume, and unaffected by peak season air routes. ALOG can not only help Chinese sellers realize localized sales overseas, reduce logistics and operating costs, but also deliver real-time inventory management and monitoring, shorten arrival time and enhance user satisfaction.  

(ALOG Honored as 2017 Best Supplier of TMALL.HK)

“Our battlefield is where the global business owners battle. ALOG is a powerful supply chain back-end guarantee for global business owners,” Chairman Xing Wei of ALOG, said at the interview. 

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