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There will be no good logistics business without wisdom,the chairman of Alog Mr. Xing reveals the secret of black technology

pubdate:2017-11-30 14:38:04

Supported by new retail, the Double elevenE-shopping Festival this year is different. The explosive growth of retail types representative of new retail, intelligent retail and unmanned retail has forced the logistics industry to accelerate its transformation towards automation and intelligentization.  

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“Intelligent logistics releases the use value of existing resources and stimulates the investment efficiency of incremental resources through interconnection and interworking and synergized sharing. It has become the integrator of social resources, the collector of disperse markets, the satisfier of personalized demands, the replacer of manpower shortage, and the creator of green ecology,” He Liming, president of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, said.

“We hope to resolve the pain spots of coldness, intensive labor and lagging decision-making of the traditional logistics industry,” Xing Wei, chairman of ALOG, revealed at his interview with “Hu Shuo” initiated by Hupan University. 
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(CEO Xing Wei of ALOG Interprets Automation)

On the first day of the Double elevenE-shopping Festival, TMALL received 812 million orders totaling RMB 168.2 billion. By November 13, 2017, ALOG had shipped 80% of the packages from the warehouses through its widely adopted automation systems and equipment, rising to the challenge of massive package delivery this year.
With pallet-based automated conveyor systems and stackers, ALOG’s automated high-bay warehouses have realized automatic warehouse-in and warehouse-out management. On the one hand, the area used for warehousing is reduced and utilization rate of storage spots enhanced; on the other hand, the fully-closed automatic operation of the high-bay warehouses achieves whole-process unmanned operation. 

When the intelligent equipment pulls the commodities to the warehouse, the robots will automatically store the commodities to the shelves. After an order is placed, the robots will automatically locate and draw the designated commodities, greatly enhancing the operating efficiency. 

The forklift AGV and picker AGV have realized commodity to man and order to man. Technically advanced and flexibly applicable, laser positioning and excellent dispatching algorithms are adopted to ensure the stable performance and accurate navigation of AGV. The action routes can be planned and adjusted at any time to adapt to different production scenarios. 

ALOG’s automatic sorters have made rapid sorting packages. The maximum line speed of the main lines reaches 1.8 meters per second and the maximum mechanical efficiency of sorting 7300 boxes/hour. The 13 processes can save 70% of the manpower costs. 

For business owners, automatic warehouses can reduce manpower costs and optimize operating efficiency; the optimization of warehousing, picking, packaging and transportation allows the commodities to reach the destination more safely, conveniently and punctually, reduces commodity damage and shortage, and enhances shopping satisfaction.  

The development of intelligent logistics is a lengthy process. In the future, ALOG will focus on the high degree of synergy between man and man, man and platform, man and logistics facilities, logistics and platform, so as to offer consumers the best logistics experience and create value for business owners with technology-based logistics. 

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